The American Automobile Industry in World War Two
An American Auto Industry Heritage Tribute
By David D Jackson

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 Saginaw Steering Gear Division of General Motors Corporation in World War Two
Saginaw, MI
Rest in Peace

This page added 6-18-2017.

The Saginaw Steering Gear Plant #1 won the Army-Navy "E" Award three times during WWII.
The Saginaw Steering Gear Plant #2 won the Army-Navy "E" Award three times during WWII.

Plant 2 was constructed for the production of .30 machine guns in March 1941, and was known as the Machine Gun Plant.  The author has been in this plant, unaware of its WWII history when there.
In July 1942 Saginaw Steering Gear (SSG) took over management of an unused Chevrolet plant in Atlanta, GA for the production of 37mm shot for anti-tank guns.

Saginaw Steering Gear Division of GM World War Two Production Statistics:  (367,853) 1919A4 .30 caliber machine guns, (44,531) 1919A6 .30 caliber machine guns, (517,213) .30 caliber M1 carbines, (13,377,152)  37mm projectiles, (148,981) 57mm projectiles.  Saginaw Steering gear also manufactured components for the M3 Submachine Gun built by the Guide Lamp Division of GM.  SSG produced bolt assemblies, barrel bushings and barrel collars for the M3.

SSG produced subassemblies for many other military products.  They included subassemblies and components for:  Amphibian trucks (GMC DUKW), Canadian military vehicles (GM of Canada), 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns (Pontiac Motor Division), 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns (Pontiac Motor Division), industrial trucks, industrial cranes, industrial tractors, military aircraft, military road building equipment, Export Reconnaissance Vehicles (Chevrolet Staghound Armored Car), Armored Cars (Chevrolet Staghound Armored Car), diesel engine parts for trucks, tanks and boats (Detroit Diesel Division), Army Tanks (Fisher Body Grand Blanc Tank Arsenal), Army Tank Destroyers (Fisher Body Grand Blanc Tank Arsenal and Buick Motor Division),  Gun Turrets, Army and Navy Supply Vehicles (GMC and Chevrolet).

This Saginaw Steering Gear M1 Carbine was photographed by the author at the 2017 South Carolina National Guard Air and Ground Expo.  It is serial number 18074161.

Serial number 18074161 was part of the original Irwin-Pedersen Arms Company's contracted serial numbers that Saginaw Steering took over at the request of the government.  Author's photo.

 This 1919A4 .30 caliber machine gun is on display at the USMC Museum in Triangle, VA.  It is one of the 367,853 1919A4s produced by Saginaw Steering Gear during WWII.  Author's photo.

The serial number on the weapon is 566591.  Author's photo.

The former SSG Grand Rapids carbine plant in February 2017.  The plant has expanded many times since World War Two when SSG produced M1 carbines at this location.  Originally the plant was owned by Irwin-Pedersen Arms Company which was contracted to build the M1 carbine.  However, when none of the first production was accepted by the US Military, Saginaw Steering Gear Division was asked by the government to take over the contract.  SSG produced 112,519 carbines that were part of the original Irwin-Pedersen contract in the plant.  It also produced another 37,499 under its own contract at this location.  The remaining 367,195 carbines were produced in Saginaw.  In 1943 the plant was turned over to the newly formed Diesel Equipment Division, which produced fuel injectors for the Cleveland Diesel, Detroit Diesel, and Electro-Motive Divisions of General Motors.  The author has been in this plant, unaware of its WWII connections when there.  Author's photo.

 The north parking lot.  Today General Motors operates the plant.  Author's photo.

"Your Plant and its Products"

The Saginaw Steering Gear Grand Rapids Plant in WWII
This booklet also has excellent information on the Saginaw and Atlanta plants and products during WWII.

Below are some weapons and equipment Saginaw Steering Division supplied components and subassemblies for. 

Pontiac built 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns.  Author's photo.

GMC and Chevrolet both built the GMC DUKW amphibious truck.  This one is on display at the USS Edson in Saginaw, MI.  Author's photo.

The Guide-Lamp manufactured M3 submachine gun.  Author's photo.

A Detroit Diesel engine in a Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP) landing craft.  Author's photo.

The Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel.  Author's photo.

Buick built M18 Hellcat tank destroyers.  Author's photo.

The Fisher Body Grand Blanc Tank Arsenal built M4A3 Sherman tanks.  Author's photo.

GMC and Chevrolet both built the GMC CCKW 2-1/2 ton 6x6 truck.  Author's photo.

For more information on machine gun manufactured by not only Saginaw Steering Gear during World War Two, but also the Frigidaire Division, the AC Sparkplug Division, and the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Division, all of General Motors, go to:  One Million Browning Machine Guns




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