The American Automobile Industry in World War Two
An American Auto Industry Heritage Tribute
By David D Jackson

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B.F. Goodrich in World War Two
Akron, OH
1870-Present (Now Goodrich based in Charlotte, NC)

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Goodrich started business in 1870 when founded by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich in Akron, OH.  In the beginning its main product line was rubber hoses for fire departments.  In 1903 Henry Ford chose B.F. Goodrich to supply tires for its Model T Ford.  In 1965 B.F. Goodrich invented the radial tire, but 23 years later ended up selling its tire making business to Michelin.  Today Goodrich is an aerospace company.

B.F. Goodrich's Akron, OH Plant won the Army-Navy "E" Award two times during WWII.
B.F. Goodrich's Los Angels, CA Plant won the Army-Navy "E" Award two times during WWII.
B.F. Goodrich's Niagara Falls, NY Plant won the Army-Navy "E" Award five times during WWII.
B.F. Goodrich's Oaks, PA Plant won the Army-Navy "E" Award three times during WWII.
B.F. Goodrich's Clarksville, TN Plant won the Army-Navy "E" Award five times during WWII.

B.F. Goodrich World War Two Products:  The company was the first to develop synthetic rubber and operated one synthetic rubber plant in Akron, OH during the war.  It also manufactured military truck tires, aircraft tires, gas masks, aircraft de-icing boots, self-sealing fuel tanks, armored vehicle tracks, rubber cargo rafts for the navy, and landing craft bearings.  It had over 50 aviation products that included use in the B-17, B-25, B-26, B-29  TBMall have Goodich equipment

B.F. Goodrich was 67th in dollar value of WWII production contracts.

B.F. Goodrich and the B-29 Enola Gay

B.F. Goodrich supplied the auxiliary long range bomb bay 640 gallon fuel tanks for the B-29s that were built by Martin Aircraft in Omaha, NE.  Author's photo.

The B-29 Enola Gay was built by Martin in Omaha, NE.   Author's photo.

Item 604 is called out as B.F. Goodrich auxiliary fuel tanks. 

640 gallon bomb bay auxiliary fuel tank.

Gas Masks

The next four photos are of a WWII gas mask.  It is unused and in brand new condition.  Author's photo from the 2017 South Carolina National Guard Air and Ground Expo. 

Author's photo.

Author's photo.

This gas mask is from Lot A15-3.  Author's photo.

Vehicle Tires, Tracks, and Wheels

B.F. Goodrich produced tires for the M25 Tank Transporter.  The M26 Tractor "Dragon Wagon" is seen here at the U.S. Military Armor Museum in Bethpage, NY.  Rudy Lev photo.

This photo shows the M25 trailer with an M5A1 Sturart light tank on it.  Rudy Lev photo from the U.S. Military Armor Museum in Bethpage, NY.

Goodrich manufactured tires for the GMC DUKW.  Author's photo.

Goodrich also made combat military tires for other vehicles such as half tracks. It also manufactured the tracks for these vehicles.   Author's photo.

This Fisher Body built M4A3E8 Sherman tank has B.F. Goodrich road wheels on it.  Author's photo.

 Author's photo.

Aviation Products

The Northrop P-61 Black Widow had B.F. Goodrich de-icing boots on it.   Author's photo.

B-24s like this one were equipped with B.F. Goodrich fuel tanks, tires and de-icing boots.   Author's photo.




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