The American Automobile Industry in World War Two
An American Auto Industry Heritage Tribute
By David D Jackson

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Fisher Body Division of General Motors in World War Two
Detroit, MI
Rest in Peace
Gone but not Forgotten!!!

Production Database

This used to be on the side of the Lansing, MI Fisher Body Plant and faced Michigan Avenue to the south, across from Sexton High School.  Now it resides in the R.E. Olds Museum in downtown Lansing.

Armament by Fisher

Plant Location Products Comments
Divisional Offices Detroit, MI - General Motors Building Staff Functions along with Aircraft Development.  
Plants 1& 4 Detroit, MI Storage, Commissary and Hospital.  
Garage, Plant 40 Detroit, MI Transportation.  
Service, Plant 9 Detroit, MI Automotive Maintenance.  
Detroit Die and Machine Unit Detroit, MI B-25, B-29, P-80 aircraft tools and fixtures; M4, M10, M36, M26, M18 tank parts; 3 inch and  5 inch Naval Gun Breech Housings, 155mm and 8 inch Gun parts, Diesel Engine parts and Torqmatic Transmission parts.  
Detroit Stamping Unit Detroit, MI B-17, B-25, B-29, FG-4, XP-75, P-80, XB-19 and XB-39 Aircraft Parts and assemblies, M18, M4, M26 Tank Part; Universal Droppable Fuel Tanks; 90mmAA Guns (Tools); 5in Naval Gun Breech Housing; Lockheed Constellation (Tools)  
Detroit Aircraft Unit Detroit, MI B-25, B-29, XP-75 P-80 and FG-4 Aircraft Parts and assemblies  
Central Development and Experimental Unit Detroit, MI B-25, FG-4, XB-39, B-29, XP-75, XB-19, P-80 Aircraft Parts and assemblies, B-17 parts (Tools), 155mm Shells (Tools), 90mm AA Guns (Tools), 120mm Guns (Tools), M4 and M26 Tank Parts, 5 inch Naval Gun Mount Parts, Machine Tool and Cutting Tool Parts  
Fleetwood Unit Detroit, MI B-25, B-29, B-17, XP-75, XB-19, XB-39 Aircraft Parts and assemblies; M4, M10, M26 Tank Parts; Universal Drop Fuel Tanks; P-80 aircraft (Tools); 90mm AA Guns (Tools); Combat Vehicle Parts  
Ternstedt Manufacturing Division Detroit, MI B-25, B-29, XP-75, B-17, XB-19 Aircraft Parts and assemblies; Gyro Horizon, Directional Gyro, Remote Handling Compass, Air Position Indicator aircraft instruments, M4, M26, M8, M5, M24, T-17 Tank parts; 5 inch naval gun Parts, 90mm AA Gun Parts, 20mm Aircraft Cannon Parts; Incendiary Bomb parts, Cutting Tools, Dzus Fasteners, 75mm Gun Parts, 75mm shell parts  
Grand Blanc Tank Division Grand Blanc, MI M4, M10, M36, M26 Tanks and Tank Destroyer; M18 Tank parts; Tank pilot models; Mine exploder pilot model; M4. M10 Experimental Models Government Plant
Grand Rapids Stamping Division Grand Rapids, MI B-25, B-29, XP-75 aircraft parts and assemblies.  M4, M10, M26, M8, M24 tank parts.  120mm AA guns, 5 inch Naval Gun Breech Housings, 155mm HE Shells, Machine Tools, 90mm AA Gun parts, 120mm Gun loaders and rammers  
Lansing Division Lansing, MI B-29, XP-75 Aircraft Parts and assemblies.  M4, M8, M24 and experimental tank parts.  90mm AA Gun Parts, 5 inch naval gun parts My mother worked here during the war and my father did also until he was drafted into the Army.  Both my sister and I worked here summers during college to pay for our tuition.  My Father retired from Lansing Fisher Body in 1975.  This plant and Fisher Body was very good to our family.  It may be gone but it is not forgotten!
Memphis Aircraft Division Memphis, TN B-25, B-29 aircraft parts and assemblies This was originally a Fisher Body wood working plant that had a major addition early in the war for the expanded aircraft production.   As Memphis shows being a Government Plant it could be it paid for the expansion and then purchased the rest of the plant for committed manufacture of aircraft parts.

While several Fisher Body Plants supplied B-25 parts to the North American Plant in Fairfax, KS, Memphis was one of the primary contributors. 

In 1946 the 700,000 square foot plant was considered surplus and was not needed by GM any longer as wood was no longer used in the manufacture of automobiles.  The facility was purchased by Kimberly-Clark and operated until 1994.  In 2002 Kruger purchased the plant and reopened it, doubling capacity. 

The address for this former Fisher Body Plant is 400 Mahannah Ave in Memphis, TN , 38105 and is located on the north side of Memphis just south of the Wolf River.

Cleveland Division Plant 1 Cleveland, OH B-25, B-29, XP-75 aircraft parts and assemblies; M4, M26, M18, M5 Tank Parts; 90mm AA, 120mm, and 155mm Gun Parts; 3 inch Naval Gun Breech Housing Parts; Diesel Engine Parts; Machine Tool Parts; Torqmatic Transmission Parts.  
Cleveland Aircraft Division Plant 2 Cleveland, OH B-29, XP-75, XB-39 and XB-19 Aircraft Parts and assemblies This was a plant financed by the Government that was built for the manufacture of complete B-29s.  In June of 1942 the contract called for Fisher Body to build 200 of the big bombers.  The plant was typical of the aircraft assembly plants being built at the time as there were no windows.  This was so that it could be completely blacked out so enemy bombers if they ever attacked would not be able to find the plant.  A year later the USAAF decided to move the production to the Martin plant in Omaha, NB that was no longer producing the B-26.  All of the jigs and fixtures that Fisher Body had built for the final assembly were transferred to Omaha.  The plant concentrated on producing B-29 parts for the rest of the war.
Flint Division Plant 1 Flint, MI M4, M10, M26, M36, M18 Tank Parts and Tank pilot models and parts.  M4, M10 Experimental Models.  Tank Tools and fixtures.  120mm and 155mm Gun Parts, 5 inch Naval Gun parts, B-29 and XP-75 Aircraft fixtures.  
Pontiac Division Pontiac, MI M10, M4, M36, M26, M24, M18, M8 Tank Parts; B-25, B-29, B-17, XP-75 Aircraft Parts and assemblies; 90mm AA Gun Mounts, 5 inch Naval Guns, 3 inch Naval gun Parts.  120mm AA and 155mm Guns Parts.  4.5 Rocket Parts. Torqmatic Transmission Parts, Combat Vehicle Parts.  Diesel Engine Parts.  Machine tool parts.  20mm Oerlikon Gun parts.  
Seattle Division Seattle, WA   Plant leased to Boeing Aircraft
St. Louis Division St. Louis, MO   Leased to Curtiss-Wright Aircraft Company.
Atlanta Division Atlanta, GA   Leased to Firestone Tire and Rubber
Norwood Division Norwood, OH   Leased to Delco Products Division
Baltimore Division Baltimore, MD   Used by Eastern Aircraft Division of GMC
Ternstedt-Trenton Division Trenton, NJ   Used by Eastern Aircraft Division of GMC
Flint Division Plant 2 Flint, MI   Used by Chevrolet Motor Division of GMC
Tarrytown Division Tarrytown, NY   Used by Eastern Aircraft Division of GMC
Buffalo Division Buffalo, NY   Sold to US Government
Oakland Division Oakland, CA   Leased by US Army
Ionia Division Ionia, MI   Leased to AC Spark Plug Division
Janesville Division Janesville, WI   Leased to Oldsmobile.  See GM Database for Olds production at this plant.
Kansas City Division Kansas City, KS   Leased to Oldsmobile.  See GM Database for Olds production at this plant.

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