The American Automobile Industry in World War Two
An American Auto Industry Heritage Tribute
By David D Jackson

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Fisher Body built M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer Photos
Grand Blanc, MI

This page updated 1-17-2017.

The M10 and M10A1 were just two of several types of tanks and tank destroyers Grand Blanc built during WWII.  The M4A2, M4A3, M36, M36B1, and M26 were also included in its output.  For the complete story on both of these important vehicles, see my Grand Blanc, MI Tank Arsenal page shown above.

All of the Fisher Body built M10A1s, along with the Ford built M10A1s, were either converted to M35 prime movers by the Lima Tank Depot or converted to the M36 by various companies.  There are no M10A1s remaining in their original configuration.  See my M36 photo page for photos of M10A1s converted into M36s.

Fisher Body marked its serial numbers on the rear towing eyelets.  I have included photos of the serial number for those M10s that I have been able to photograph.  In some cases, the paint was so thick over the numbers that nothing was legible, and those were not included.  For the remaining, the readability of the numbers ranges from minimal to excellent.

Fisher Body M10 Wolverine Production, Serial Numbers and Registration Numbers - Note there are four different sets of serial numbers

  Sep 42 Oct 42 Nov 42 Dec 42 Jan 43 Feb 43 Mar 43 Apr 43 Apr 43  May 43 Jun 43 Jul 43
Number Produced  105 170 137 199 276 340 330 243 185 416 400 199
Serial Numbers 3-107 108-277 278-414 415-613 614-889 890-1229 1230-1579 1580-1802 2839-3023 3024-3439 3440-3899 3840-4038
US Registration Numbers 4040705-4040809 4040810-4040980 4040980-4041116 4041117-4041315 4041316-4041591 4041592-4041931 4041932-4042261 4042262-4042504 4081054-4081238 4081239-4081654 4081654-4082054 4082055-4082253
  Jul 43 Aug 43 Sep 43 Sep 43 Oct 43 Nov 43 Dec 43 Totals        
Number Produced  203 465 449 49 350 237 240 4,993        
Serial Numbers 5991-6313 6214-6678 6679-7107 7108-7176 7157-7506 7507-7743 7744-7983          
US Registration Numbers 40110110-40110312 40110313-40110777 40110778-40111226 ? ? ? ?          

Fisher Body M10A1 Wolverine Production, Serial Numbers and Registration Numbers

        Sep 43 Oct 43 Nov 43   Totals        
Number Produced        5 150 220   375        
Serial Numbers       7984-7988 7989-8138 8139-8358            
US Registration Numbers       40112380-40112384 40112385-40112534 40112535-40112754   5,368        


Fisher Body M10 Wolverine in Europe 1944-1945 - Strength and Losses

  Jun44 Jul44 Aug44 Sept44 Oct44 Nov44 Dec44 Jan45 Feb45 Mar45 Apr45  May45 Total
Strength 691 743 758 763 486 573 790 760 686 684 427 427 Losses
Losses 1 17 28 40 71 45 62 69 106 27 37 37 540

Fisher Body M10 Photos

Serial Number:  1712
US Registration Number:  4042415  According to my calculation from the table above the Registration Number should be 4042414.
Date Built:  April 1943
Location:  Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles, Nokesville, VA
Date of Photo:  9-24-2016
In 2016 the Museum just completed a total restoration of its Fisher Body built M10 Wolverine tank destroyer.  It looks as good, if not better than what it came off the production line at Grand Blanc during WWII.  It is pristine, and I was able to visit the Museum's inaugural showing of it in September 2016.  It also makes an excellent specimen to photograph, to show some of the features of the vehicle. 

The Fisher Body built M10 of the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles basks in the late afternoon September sun.

There were several different types of counterweights during the production of the Wolverine.  The counterweight on this Wolverine is what was called the wedge type.  It was the third of four types used. 

The Museum's Wolverine has a complete set of the pioneer and track repair tools attached to the back of the vehicle.  It also has a "stirrup" gun rest for locating the barrel during non combat road trips.

This shows the left engine radiator at the rear of the vehicle.

The exhausts from the two Detroit Diesel 6046 engines.  The mufflers are hidden behind the sheet metal.

The M10 and M10A1 are nearly identical.  One of the two ways to tell them apart without opening up the engine air intakes or looking at the throttles in the driver's location to determine which engines are in them, is by looking at the rear end.  The M10 has no door, and the mufflers and exhaust ports are high up on the back.  This is similar to the M4A2 Sherman.  The M10A1 has a door, and the exhaust ports are lower and located above the tow lugs.  The exhausts do not meet in the center, but are separate.  This is similar to the M4A3 Sherman.

The engine deck with the air intakes for the engines and radiators.

This view of the engine deck shows the second exterior difference between the M10 and the M10A1.  The M10A1 has a another filler cap on the outer deck panel at the rear.  It would be located just about in the lower center of the photo.  There is a matching filler cap on the other side.

 The serial number 1712 can just be made out On the right tow lug.

Serial Number:  6630
US Registration Number:  40110729
Date Built:   August 1943
Location:  Bastogne Historical Center until 2013, now at Heintz Barracks, Bastogne, Belgium
Date of Photo:  5-12-2008
This is an Achilles 1C which was a British conversion of the Fisher Body M10 Wolverine from the 3 inch gun to a 17 pounder.  I was able to photograph while visiting the Bastogne Historical Center and the town in May 2008.  It was on loan from the Heintz Barracks in Bastogne where it now resides.  This has the final duckbill counterweight on it.  As can be seen it wraps around the turret and then forms a duckbill in the rear.  Duckbill turrets went into production in June 1943.

Serial Number:  6865
US Registration Number: 
Date Built:  September 1943
Location:  Patton Museum, Fort Knox, KY
Date of Photo:  9-24-2016

This also has the wedge counterweight on it, even though it has a higher serial number than the Achilles.  It appears this this unit has seen considerable work and modification on it.  This may not be the original turret if this was made up of parts from several vehicles.  The later production and higher serial numbers also did not have the attachment knobs on the hull for extra tracks. 

The air intake grills have been replaced with a solid cover.  A Fisher Body Grand Blanc, MI built M10 Wolverine is identifiable by its one filler cap on the outside engine panel.  A Ford or Fisher Body M10A1 has a second filler cap at the top of shadow of the camera.

An M10 rear section, with the exhaust ports being at the upper center.  The mufflers have been beat up and the tow lugs on both sides have been replaced.  There was also a reason for entry, as it can be seen where a door was cut out and then welded back in.




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