The American Automobile Industry in World War Two
An American Auto Industry Heritage Tribute
By David D Jackson

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Chrysler built M3 Grant/Lee Tank Photos
Built at the Warren, MI Tank Arsenal

This page updated 10-5-2017.

 Chrysler built 3,243 M3 Lee/Grant tanks at its Warren, MI tank arsenal during WWII.  It is powered by a Continental radial R-975 aircraft engine. 

The Continental R-975 is the engine that defines the M4 Lee/Grant tank.  Author's photo taken the Ropkey Armor Museum.

Author's photo.

The M3A4 Sherman tank is defined by the Chrysler A57 multibank engine and the company produced 109 of them.  Author's photo taken at Chrysler Museum.

Chrysler M3 and M3A4 WWII Production
  Jul 41 Aug 41 Sep 41 Oct 41 Nov 41 Dec 41 Jan 42 Feb 42 Mar 42 Apr 42 May 42 Jun 42 Jul 42 Aug 42 Totals
M3 7 50 95 148 194 235 300 300 366 381 400 424 317 28 3,243
M3A4                       33 73 3 109
Totals 7 50 95 148 194 235 300 300 366 381 400 457 390 31 3,352


Known Surviving Chrysler built M3 Lee/Grant Tanks
Tanks highlighted have photos below.

Serial Number


Date Built

Registration Number





M3 Lee

July 1941


VFW Post 745

Newark, DE

Rudy Lev photos


M3 Lee

October 1941


Patriot Park

Kubinka, Russia



M3 Lee

December 1941


National Armor and Cavalry Museum

Fort Benning, GA

No turret.


M3 Lee

May 1942


Canadian War Museum

Ottawa, ONT



M3 Lee

June 1942


Rod Bellars Collection

Victoria, Australia

This is a hull with a Staghound turret.  Owner is looking for two M3 turrets for restoration.


M3 Lee

June 1942


Australian Armor and Artillery Museum

Cairns, Queensland, Australia



M3 Lee

July 1942


Australian Armor and Artillery Museum

Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Chassis only.  To be restored


M3A4 Lee

July 1942


Gunnery range

Fort Knox, KY



M3 Lee

July 1942


4th Infantry Division Museum

Fort Hood, TX



M3 Lee

July 1942



Unknown Location, possibly Australia

This was made into a crane after WWII. Wreck.


M3 Lee

July 1942


Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles

Nokesville, VA



M3 Lee

July 1942


Collings Foundation

Stow, MA



M3 Lee

July 1942


Old Ironsides Museum

Fort Bliss, TX


Serial Number:  2 - This was both the first tank and first M3 to come off the Warren Tank Arsenal production line.
US Registration Number: 
Date Built:  July 1941
Location:  VFW Post 745, Newark, DE
Date of Photo:  10-4-2017
Photos courtesy of Rudy Lev - added 10-5-2017

Serial Number:  3714
US Registration Number: 
Date Built:  May 1942
Location:  Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, ONT, Canada
Date of Photo:  June 25, 2016

Serial Number:  4444
US Registration Number:  W-3058035
Date Built:  July 1942
Location:  Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles, Nokesville, VA
Date of Photos:  9-24-2016




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